Taza 87% Bolivian Dark Chocolate
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NEW! Taza's most intense dark chocolate is made from unique single origin beans from the small Bolivian grower cooperative known as CIAAB (Central Integral Agroecologica de Alto Beni). Minimal processing by grinding in traditional stone mills creates an intense chocolate with nutty and floral notes. 3oz/85g.
Ingredients: Organic Bolivian cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic vanilla bean.

+ USDA Certified Organic
+ Direct trade with growers ensures fair wages on the farm
+ Direct trade means reduced carbon foot print since there are no intermediary brokers
+ NewLeaf Chocolates is only six miles from the Taza factory, so we can get our inventory by hybrid car or bike, reducing the carbon footprint of the supply chain.

PROFILE: Taza Chocolate

Taza Chocolate makes unique organic bean-to-bar chocolate in the USA. Their hand-made artisan chocolate is stone ground using traditional Mexican stone mills called molinos rather than extensive refining and conching. The result is a wonderful minimally processed chocolate that retains the vivid fruity character of the raw bean. You can expect a truly unique flavor experience – from the rustic texture to the bright berry notes present in all their bars.
Taza Chocolate follows a direct trade model where they cut out the intermediary cacao bean brokers and deal directly with the growers. By working directly with farmers, they can provide a premium above fair trade and closely monitor the quality of the beans. Even more, the carbon footprint of the supply chain is reduced when all the extra shipping and handling is cut out along with the middleman.

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Taza 87% Stone Ground Bolivian Chocolate

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