Francois Pralus Pyramide Organic Dark Chocolate.
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NEW!  A selection of 5 great organic vintages: Ecuador, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Madagascar.  Explore the range of flavors that's derived from bean origin and Pralus' chocolate-making skill.  Makes a vibrant, ready-to-go gift.  Five 50 gram bars for 250g total. IMPORTED FROM FRANCE.

 Ingredients: Chocolate 75% (organic cocoa, organic sugar, pure organic cocoa butter, non-GMO soy lecithin). May contain traces of nuts or milk.

+ Certified Organic by Agriculture Biologique.
+ Fair Trade. Fair trade with growers assures fair wages for small farmers. Pralus takes it further since some farms are owned directly and they can ensure fair and respectable labor conditions for farm workers.

+  Eco-friendly wrapping - All wrap materials are recyclable as paper.

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Pralus Organic Pyramide

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